The colors of Mexican culture, the strong and contrasting flavors of our history and the velvety nuances of our country's well-known hospitality are enjoyed at Tuch de Luna, the new home of Chef Martha Ortiz, where the synesthesia of the moon's reflection on the sea comes through the restaurant's windows and illuminates a collection of dishes that the best Mexican Chef showcases as if they were paintings in an exhibition.
Tuch de Luna is her love letter to Mexico, written from our open kitchen, where she shares her waltzes and spins with an extraordinary team of women. There they remember and write in the form of stews and desserts, spicy confessions, stories as mellow as rice, promises with fairytale flavors and a feast of sweet winks.
Martha Ortiz
Martha Ortiz says she is made of corn. She proudly boasts her Mexican identity, her gender and her passion for being both a cook and an artisan. During her long career, she has proven these qualities through her high-contrast culinary proposals and floral aesthetics, dressing Mexico with lyrical notes, not only in her own country, but also in the great capitals of the world and now also in the Riviera Maya.


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